Get 1000 Web 2 Backlinks with Authority website and fast delivery


Get 1000 Web 2 Backlinks with  Authority website and fast delivery
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Backlinks are the most important Google rankings factor, It works for YOU and brings real organic traffic! Simply if you have more and better Llnks than your competitors, you will rank higher!

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Web 2.0 profiles backl!nks.

We accept multiple URLs (Max 2 ) with unlimited keywords for each URL.

Links are mix of do-follow and no-follow.

Links will submitted with premium captcha solving services.

We will create accounts for your submission and will provide you with the accounts credentials (usernames & passwords)

Please Note that We can not accept websites that promote hate, contain pornography, dating, promote gambling or spamming of any kind.

Some Common Question and Answer for you:

1. What’s the best articles length for SEO?

Numerous studies have shown that websites with long and engaging content ranks higher in Google. Articles with more than 2000 words have higher chances to rank high. Your content must be well documented and offer value to your readers by answering their most important questions.

2.I just build some quality backlinks, when will I get better rankings?

Results don’t come overnight. It’s a long optimization process that requires patience and continuously building good backlinks. It depends from case to case and from website to website. Some sites might get better rankings after a few weeks while some after some months.

3.Can social media help me with SEO?

As of today, there is no correlation between social media and SEO. If your website is doing great on social media, it doesn’t mean it will perform just as good on Google or other search engines. Google still uses backlinks as their main ranking factor. You can use social media to do SEO though.

4.I’m buying backlinks, is it safe?

Buying backlinks is fine, Backlinks are the most important Google rankings factor and It works for you and brings real organic traffic!

5.Is it ok to build backlinks only to my homepage?

No. You should build links and encourage others to link to other pages of your website as well. SEO means optimizing your website and making it look as natural as possible. Very rarely a website will only link only to its homepage.

6.My website has been down for a few days, should I be worried?

If your website goes down for a short period, there’s no reason to panic. Even if Google might temporarily decrease your rankings, they will go back once your site goes live again.

7.How should I structure my content for SEO?

Your content should be nicely structured and easy to read. Use paragraphs and a friendly language. Communicate with your readers instead of writing plain text (you are not Wikipedia). Where possible, use bullets and numbered lists.

8.How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Weeks, months or sometimes years. It depends on what niche your website is in, what resources you are allocating for SEO and how good are the backlinks you are building.

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